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Holiday Free Of… is like if art, letterpress and augmented reality had a baby. Instead of showing typical holiday imagery, it wishes that different weird things don’t happen to you. With each card you will discover a unique augmented reality experience that you’ll hold onto for years to come.

Image of the inside of the 2012 card featuring sock puppets as the Cratchit family

The only rules each year are:

1. Do something I haven’t done before

2. Get out of my comfort zone creatively

3. The weirder, the better

4. It has to make me laugh

My Favorite Edition

A Holiday Free Of Experimental Theatre Revivals Of A Christmas Carol (2012)

My 2nd Favorite Edition

A holiday free of zoom calls from hell (2021)

My 3rd Favorite Edition

A Holiday Free Of Dick Pics From Dick Cheney (2013)

My 4th Favorite Edition

A Holiday therapy sessions with Dookie Williams (2020)

My 5th Favorite Edition

A Holiday Free Of Fear (2017)